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Honor those dear to you with immaculate monuments.

We want the name Laguna Monument Company to epitomize courtesy and high standards, as well as the highest quality work and professionalism. This is why we make every effort to listen and to meet each customer’s personal need exactly. We vow to do each job to the very best of our ability. If each client isn’t completely satisfied, we have failed in reaching our goals. 

Over two decades spent honoring our communities loved ones.


Floral Vases



the most pleasant and appropriate granite craftsman-work possible

Laguna Monument Company is a family owned business with over 25 years' experience in the monument industry. We understand the importance of selecting the appropriate memorial, monument, headstone or tombstone for your loved one.We can help with a custom monument design, or we can duplicate an existing marker.  

a known leader in the region for delivering gorgeous custom granite monuments

Laguna Monument Company works diligently to see that the needs of each of our customers are met and that they receive a high-quality monument every time. We adhere to the absolute highest standards of quality and craftsmanship when designing our custom work.

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